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Indianapolis’ mornings are beautiful...especially if you’re waking up in one
of our hotel’s refined rooms!

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Stunning View

Every room at our hotel offers not just a high level of comfort, but also an amazing view of the sea.

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The Best Dishes

At our restaurant, we offer a variety of dishes inspired by world cuisines and cooked by real professionals.

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Our Hotel Guests


While staying in Indianapolis on my business affairs I always stay at this place. The price/quality ratio here is just outstanding, allowing me to save more money for other spends while visiting… My rating is 5 out of 5!

Martin van Buuren


Choosing a hotel is always challenging, especially if you’re on a hectic schedule and are visiting the place for the first time. That’s why I was so happy that my guess with this hotel was definitely a lucky one.

Mary Johnson


I’ve been visiting Indianapolis last year while touring across the Midwest with my family. The Family room is just great, the hotel’s restaurant (and bar) are nice and overall, even the price was very reasonable…

Theodore Roosevelt

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